Origin and Gumpy Stories

The origin
It started when I was a child, my like for drawing turned into a love which developed into a passion. I remember drawing whenever I could, continuing through middle school. For reasons unbeknownst to myself, my drawing ceased. I never gave myself the chance to develop as an artist, although my mind was always racing with raw creativity. I had all but given up on my artistic abilities, thinking my urges to create were mere child’s play. I didn’t waste my time dabbling at the idea any longer. As the years and birthdays passed, I too, joined the rat race as most do. I worked as a hamster on a wheel punching the clock 8 hours a day for Corporate America for what seemed like an eternity.

Slowly but surely my passion, that desire crept up on me and an uncontrollable urge to put pencil to paper once again overcame me. This time it was different. I didn’t draw random ideas that had been lingering in my imagination; instead I drew one small figure. I had no idea he would later become my calling card. This figure has come to represent the things in life which are taboo, everything we poke fun at. I call him The Gumpy and he is inside of us all. Gumpy is here as a reminder to us; life is short. It is time we lower our noses from the air and enjoy life through laughter. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, each other and our surroundings what can we really do? The beauty of laughter is there is no hidden cost or fee, it is absolutely free for the taking and The Gumpy is here to ensure there is plenty to share.

The Gumpy
It’s hard walking through life the less than popular, overweight and simply un-liked cousin of a superstar. All we have in common is the fact that our names sound so cringingly similar. What makes it worse, my recognition is because I look so much like him and that’s the only real reason I get recognition. I try and try to make a name for myself, but everything I do ends up looking half-assed and just plain silly in comparison. Some people say my biggest flaw is trying too hard. You know what, no matter how hard I try I always look Gumpy.